Savage Boxing & Fitness

Logo Design Case Study

Savage Boxing & Fitness brings health, self-defense and the joy of working out together into one unique experience.

The client asked for a logo design reflective of the brands chosen aesthetics and values, rooted in competitive boxing but conveying a multi-disciplinary approach.

Cowboy Mouth at 13th St. Rep

Poster Design Case Study

The Play "Cowboy Mouth" written by Patti Smith and Sam Shepard in 1971 was to be performed at 13th street Rep. Theater, a historic venue which itself was founded in 1972.

The client's brief was to create an engaging poster highlighting the venue's history and key traits as essential to the production itself.

Combative Theatre Co.

Branding Case Study

Combative Theatre Co. is a young theatre group committed to exploring, interpreting and redefining theatre through stage combat.

The challenge in terms of art direction was to develop a brand identity to best represent their unique approach to productions and position it as a high quality theatre company operating off-broadway today.